Next Generation
Elevate your online business by using our multiplatform SaaS powered components. Composable, reusable and functionalities that just make sense. Looking for Next Generation E-Commerce Components - look no further.

Multiplatform SaaS Components and Services

Please welcome (drums roll) ... "The Core" 

Our core system takes care of all the basic stuff that you need to start SaaS development. It handles authentification, role and access management, routing, translations and, with our highly flexible entity building and relation management system, will provide the API-Driven results you can count on. All this is done by configuration rather than by developing. "The Core" allows us to fokus on the specific need instead of constantly worrying about the same, needed stuff.

Not just a List Service - The Chuck Norris of Lists

Lists are everywhere. Noticelists, wishlist, orderlists, ToDo's, memberlists, etc. -- we think you got the point here. Its rather the question how to faciliate these different types of lists, combine the list with some content (or other) objects and create something lasting. Based on that idea we've managed to create a list service that allows different usage scenarious. Just to name a few: Noticelists, Baskets, Offerrequests, Friends, etc.

Authentification Service

Since authentification, roles, scopes and claims are a central part of the API-Driven "The Core" we decided to provide that functionality as an authentification service. This service is all you need to handle access and provide the needed JWT-Tokens for your services. 

API-Gateway Service

Since routing is a central part of the API-Driven "The Core" we decided to enhance that functionality and create a highly configurable API-Gateway service. The API-Gateway allows you to provide rate limiting and API protection by using scopes and claims from a valid JWT-Token from a trusted source (for example the Authentification Service)

Translation Service

Since "The Core" contains very flexible translation and multilanguage features we decided to provide that functionality as a standalone service. From our experience we know that handling translations in a multilanguage environment is nothing you normally like to do. So ease your pain and use our Translation Service to gain access to Default- and Fallback-Languages, different methods to define and use the translations, add additional languages with ease. 

CRM Service

Use our CRM Service as a starting point to handle your customer relations. This service might not be as grown up as the large players on the net, but you get what you pay for. A solid solutions with the flexibility you need. If you need specific modifications just let us know.

Request- / Offer-Service

You want to extend your business by giving your clients the opportunity to send you Requests for Quotes? You need to have a nice little tool to help you with handling these Requests. Look no further and see what our Request- / Offer-Service has to offer.

Media Enhancement Tools Service

Use our Media Enhancement Tools Service to elevate your usage of media items to the next level. Create interactive slideshows and add animations either automatically or by changing them manually. Use selfdefined media hotspots to either navigate to different webpages or just show additional informations without leaving the current context. Enhance your productdisplay by adding zooms and slides even if you have just one picture -- even though the Service is created with a multilayer media setup in mind. You might even use this technology as a drop-in-replacement for all your images.

CMS Service

Getting sick of having to constantly having to move your content from one system to another? Need flexibility but not complexity? Take a look at our CMS Service and include your content into different platforms with ease.

PIM Service

Need a decent way to handle your product data, but are not in the need for a large scale PIM solution? Use our PIM Service to get a feeling of how even a simple PIM solution can help you in structuring your product data and using that data to enhance the view on your products in different platforms.

Search Service

Import your data or connect to our search service, wait for the searchindex to update, and use our search widgets wherever you need to add searchfunktionality to. Also define filter based on the data from your Input and help your clients not just to search, but to actually find the stuff they request for

GEO Service

Need to provide some information about for example your dealers? How close they are to a certain location? Even think about using the current location of the user visiting your site? Just import some basic data to our GEO Service and let us do the hard work for you. If you use our widgets you will even be able to do some enhanced stuff like showing map markes, offering routing options, showing a "nearby" list, etc.

Productcatalog Service

Provide data to our Productcatalog Service by either importing or referencing the relevant data from another service (i.ex. the PIM Service) and use the Service to structure and handle all these edgecases that you don't handle from within your PIM.

Storage and Availability Service

Use this service to create and handle different storage locations and provide external objects like products, parking-spaces, etc. with availabiltiy information. Use this information in conjunction with other services to even further enhance the usage scenarios for your clients.

Pricing Service

Use this service to create and handle different pricing situations based on your needs. Create Pricegroups or use references to other services to even provide customer specific pricing methods.

Media Service

The E-Commerce-Solution is not just another service, but instead puts some of the above mentioned service to use to create a nice, fast and flexible online solution with integrated payments. 

Orchestrated solutions based on SaaS Services

E-Commerce Solution

The E-Commerce-Solution is not just another service, but instead puts some of the above mentioned services to use to create a nice, fast and flexible online solution with integrated payments. 

CMS Solution

The CMS Solution is using some of the above mentioned services to create a simple but working headless CMS tool. 

Affiliates Ads Solution

The Affiliates Ads Solution will help you to structure and handle your own affiliate network.

Classifieds Solution

The Classifieds Solution puts the Lists- and Productcatalog-Services to the test to create a highly flexible Classifieds Portal with the optional usage of the GEO Service for finding nearby locations.

Domainparking Solution

By using a combination of content, routing and clever wildcard domain usage, add your domains to that domainparking solution and handle purchase requests the easy way.

Why choose us?

API Driven solid core

Instead of just providing a few loosly coupled components we decided to create a reusable Core first. By using "The Core" to build all the Services and Solutions we can provide a solid base but also allow customization.

Solving realworld problems 

Concepts based on decades of B2B and B2C project experience help you to tackle the realworld problems you encounter when trying to elevate your bussiness with composable E-Commerce. 

Client First

We know about the issues some companies have regarding the usage of cloud services. Our approach makes sure the we can provide services by Cloud or, if really needed, by premise. Also don't hessitate to let us know about your projects where we might be able to help.